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Welcome to the US Fireworks Photo/Video Contest
Enter your phot or video for voting and improve your chance of winning the $500 prize!

Enter the US Fireworks Photo/Video contest here!!

View the Top Rated Contest Entries here

Vote on entries below:

Submitted ByClick on the link to votePhoto / Video Link
Davis VandersliceVoting Link Live and Let DieLive and Let Die
Davis VandersliceVoting Link The Bourne Experience PyromusicalThe Bourne Experience Pyromusical
Andrew DiColaVoting Link The DevilThe Devil
Andrew DiColaVoting Link On the DarksideOn the Darkside
Andrew DiColaVoting Link Bon Jovi ShowBon Jovi Show
Michael KroegerVoting Link Oraanu PiOraanu Pi
Damon CromarVoting Link SantoriniSantorini
Luke TenleyVoting Link Rock The Sky PyromusicalRock The Sky Pyromusical
Willi WildVoting Link Peter GunnPeter Gunn
Willi WildVoting Link MystifyMystify
Willi WildVoting Link LightsLights
Brandon SchmidtVoting Link Requiem for a Dream RemixRequiem for a Dream Remix
Brandon SchmidtVoting Link Rock Mix PyromusicalRock Mix Pyromusical
Phillip NashVoting Link Savin MeSavin Me
Jeremy AdamsVoting Link Dominator-Finale-CarminaBuranaDominator-Finale-CarminaBurana
Phillip KocherVoting Link Together in Electric DreamsTogether in Electric Dreams
Simon Turcotte-LangevinVoting Link The Four SeasonsThe Four Seasons
Michael TaylorVoting Link Its The Way You Love MeIts The Way You Love Me
Jeff SnyderVoting Link YYZYYZ
Pete BarbanoVoting Link Pyro MusiclessPyro Musicless
Robert FortnerVoting Link Dominating BeatsDominating Beats
Robert FortnerVoting Link Dominating BeatsDominating Beats
Dominator FireworksVoting Link PGI EntryPGI Entry
ed vaselVoting Link live and let dielive and let die
yes yesVoting Link liveletdieliveletdie
yes yesVoting Link wheel testwheel test
ed 12343Voting Link mbenyambenya
Ed VaselVoting Link PGI V5.1PGI V5.1
Ed VaselVoting Link "Build a Dream""Build a Dream"
Ed VaselVoting Link Dominator PGI Video 2010Dominator PGI Video 2010
ed vaselVoting Link Anything For LoveAnything For Love
scott yesVoting Link scottnfascottnfa
ed vaselVoting Link Anything For Love 7.0Anything For Love 7.0
ed vaselVoting Link DM594 WaterfallDM594 Waterfall
Ed VaselVoting Link 2010 Dominator NFA winning show2010 Dominator NFA winning show
Ed VaselVoting Link 2010 isf2010 isf
Ed VaselVoting Link 2010 isf2010 isf
Ed VaselVoting Link Neon SparklerNeon Sparkler
ed VaselVoting Link bad loud cloudsbad loud clouds
Ed VaselVoting Link taipei 2011taipei 2011
ed vVoting Link Sydney 2011Sydney 2011
ed yaVoting Link prpl rainprpl rain
Ed yesVoting Link prplrainv5prplrainv5
cameeron bosworthVoting Link the big one part 1the big one part 1
cameeron bosworthVoting Link the big one part 1the big one part 1
Ed VaselVoting Link dominator 1.3 shell demodominator 1.3 shell demo
Ed VaselVoting Link pgipgi
Ed VaselVoting Link tuestues
Ed VaselVoting Link nfa2011v1nfa2011v1
Ed VaselVoting Link nfa7.8nfa7.8
Jeremy Voting Link Family funFamily fun
Kyle Voting Link Letting Freedom RingLetting Freedom Ring
young Voting Link this years stashthis years stash
young Voting Link last years stash last years stash
Kyle Voting Link Lettin Freedom RingLettin Freedom Ring
Michael Voting Link Moving from Phantom to US fireworksMoving from Phantom to US fireworks
Michael Voting Link My 2013 firework stashMy 2013 firework stash
Jason "Spankdogg" Weber Voting Link Spankdoggs stashSpankdoggs stash
john Voting Link testtest
Gumball Voting Link 4th of July on Long Lake4th of July on Long Lake
dj.gsd Voting Link stash2-dj.gsdstash2-dj.gsd
Wayne Voting Link Lighting up the skyLighting up the sky
Pyroman Voting Link Family StashFamily Stash
dj.gsd Voting Link stash_dj.gsdstash_dj.gsd
test Voting Link testtest
john Voting Link stashstash
Steve Voting Link sparkssparks
Crusty Voting Link BOOM BOOM!!!!!BOOM BOOM!!!!!
Arturo galvan Voting Link 4 of July 4 of July
Russ Voting Link 2013 BOOM2013 BOOM
Bryan Guzman Voting Link Like saladLike salad
jhvjhvjluj Voting Link ghthtdhghthtdh
Jeremy Voting Link COME AND TAKE IT (Houston, Tx)COME AND TAKE IT (Houston, Tx)
Cliff Voting Link One Heck of a NightOne Heck of a Night
Dane Voting Link 20132013
Dylan Voting Link 16 Feet of Fun!16 Feet of Fun!
Cliff Voting Link One Heck of a NightOne Heck of a Night
Chris Voting Link Family show-50 cakes, 840 mortars,40ft x 30ft areaFamily show-50 cakes, 840 mortars,40ft x 30ft area
Drepp Voting Link 11
Drepp Voting Link 22
Drepp Voting Link 33
Drepp Voting Link stashstash
Drepp Voting Link readyready
Me rage Voting Link Happy 4th buy listHappy 4th buy list
whxdnuei Voting Link Mr.Mr.
lwlljplo Voting Link Mr.Mr.
esoiachr rmhnkhemVoting Link Mr.Mr.
tpsnctbp eqasqnbpVoting Link Mr.Mr.
qafjxwtc kgrvldbgVoting Link Mr.Mr.
qevdoofj aimylwlvVoting Link Mr.Mr.
xbqdoroc llsjvegrVoting Link Mr.Mr.
gtxqylgw ihlsvfmeVoting Link Mr.Mr.
meqlegul pqabgjreVoting Link Mr.Mr.
naabnqxr hugcutrpVoting Link Mr.Mr.
mtufakur ncfdehqkVoting Link Mr.Mr.
yhnxujvt seolxcqqVoting Link Mr.Mr.
gkafyqsy lirabusnVoting Link Mr.Mr.
gesghkut vkhfmrcbVoting Link Mr.Mr.
wglggcju jnajxuqhVoting Link Mr.Mr.
tmgbmqwp vbxgmommVoting Link Mr.Mr.
npbnlpfr plaixoasVoting Link Mr.Mr.
mtmunnlb vpcyyapxVoting Link Mr.Mr.
rhwqpoje oifmqejkVoting Link Mr.Mr.
kwpxleyk udsgfgdwVoting Link Mr.Mr.
hoxotivl ipgotmnwVoting Link Mr.Mr.
qplnocvc feeaqiruVoting Link Mr.Mr.
Jason Voting Link July 2016 StashJuly 2016 Stash
Jason Voting Link July 2016 finale boardJuly 2016 finale board
Jason Voting Link Artillery and 500 gram repeatersArtillery and 500 gram repeaters
Jason Voting Link July 2016 stash table 2July 2016 stash table 2
Jason Voting Link July 4th 2016July 4th 2016
uxdkuuan Voting Link Mr.Mr.
knoxoukw Voting Link Mr.Mr.
teqiwfsm sesbtthiVoting Link Mr.Mr.
hilgrppn yxhfjixyVoting Link Mr.Mr.
csiesubw ewgsyibcVoting Link Mr.Mr.
sfoeplhg vfedcnkyVoting Link Mr.Mr.
yilwgyko psvposevVoting Link Mr.Mr.
xpvfkhsq bhrqeoicVoting Link Mr.Mr.
shacdyxs bxaijabiVoting Link Mr.Mr.
imsxbqbt jvjtnylxVoting Link Mr.Mr.
gynennrr avxydadsVoting Link Mr.Mr.
fgtbncuk olbsypvyVoting Link Mr.Mr.
untklchk jxbcpnmyVoting Link Mr.Mr.
lrgpdllt dtxpscrkVoting Link Mr.Mr.
reedlovo gawqrcrcVoting Link Mr.Mr.
rpopbwsx veajjjakVoting Link Mr.Mr.
nkgoybqp fuhmnagiVoting Link Mr.Mr.
sjeujhse jpjwhffsVoting Link Mr.Mr.
nsgiqinf drfcgkddVoting Link Mr.Mr.
ocsycmsb xtnhwaobVoting Link Mr.Mr.
wwgudlud cdihigdcVoting Link Mr.Mr.
qguukovx cgabcfguVoting Link Mr.Mr.
qyxewbjc papotxunVoting Link Mr.Mr.
umcvwhjn qhrwanblVoting Link Mr.Mr.
dadnscek lmrgtyxdVoting Link Mr.Mr.
ykwwpovx wrruroccVoting Link Mr.Mr.
yrsrxjcf qfulcxrtVoting Link Mr.Mr.
uhqrhcqc vsdldevfVoting Link Mr.Mr.
lbesjvdh lnbjvwshVoting Link Mr.Mr.
ngvmgqlp shpobocvVoting Link Mr.Mr.
ohbemfbt elnetedpVoting Link Mr.Mr.
tanlndju spuvnwjlVoting Link Mr.Mr.
ewkdkwop vnmtysgrVoting Link Mr.Mr.
glbpcbow tboakwaxVoting Link Mr.Mr.
hcwimkua ieovxkpjVoting Link Mr.Mr.
fgukdygb ttqkkqeoVoting Link Mr.Mr.
fxeefcmo ntkgnnvyVoting Link Mr.Mr.
apwkxsty jiiqyrrcVoting Link Mr.Mr.
ekfxkwfr ryidpiaeVoting Link Mr.Mr.
uufmbafp dhlsqdkjVoting Link Mr.Mr.
pmfuhdoa hrgjvxxkVoting Link Mr.Mr.
ispyuaim leyjxnasVoting Link Mr.Mr.
mfgcdamv Voting Link Mr.Mr.
jxvtecms Voting Link Mr.Mr.
1 1Voting Link 11
1 Voting Link 11
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
Voting Link
Smith SmithVoting Link 33
jane Voting Link janejane
jane Voting Link janejane

Enter the US Fireworks Photo/Video contest here!!!

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