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Fireworks Clubs & Organizations

One of the ways you can enjoy fireworks legally is to join a fireworks or pyro club!  There are dozens of Pyro Clubs throughout the United States. These Fireworks clubs provide a legal area to shoot fireworks, and offer opportunities to be able to learn how to shoot fireworks safely. Some clubs even provide a means for members to purchase fireworks at a discount, and to learn how to build and shoot commercial/display fireworks.
Nearly all of the fireworks clubs in the United States are also endorsed by the Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI). The PGI provides resources, course materials, written publications, and guidance to clubs and PGI members. In addition, the PGI holds an annual convention each year that allows members to get together to exchange ideas and view some of the best fireworks in the world. You should consider joining the PGI if you are not already a member.  
Here is a list of the fireworks clubs in the United States: Facebook Club - Backyard Fireworks Group

About the Backyard Fireworks Group: A Facebook Group dedicated to the backyard fireworks enthusiast!    Join the group, connect with liked mined people, learn about safe show set-up, get free DIY info, get access to special discounts and deals from!

American Pyrotechnics Association (APA)

Julie Heckman, (301) 907-8181

About the American Pyrotechnics Association (APA): The APA is the premier trade association of the fireworks industry. The APA was founded in 1948 with three principle aims: to encourage safety in the design and use of all types of fireworks; to provide industry information and support to our members; and to promote responsible regulation of the fireworks industry.

Bluegrass Pyrotechnic Guild, Inc. (BPAG)

About the Bluegrass Pyrotechnic Guild: The BPG was founded in the mid-'90s, and we have members from KY, TN, VA, OH, IN, IL, and other states. Our membership includes both professional and amateur pyro enthusiasts who get together 8-10 times a year for meetings / shoots / seminars / safety trainings. We welcome anyone who is interested in the art of fireworks.

Carolina Pyros, Inc.

Mike Russell

About the Carolina Pyros: We are a not for profit social club whose sole mission is to share our passion for fireworks with others. We provide opportunities for pyro enthusiasts to work with and learn from some of the best professionals on the East Coast. Spending time together in the field with others that share the passion is priceless. The pyro brotherhood is real!

Crackerjacks Fireworks Club
For More Info:
* Ben Sego, (703) 242-2272
* Norman Whetzel, (703) 787-8786

About the Crackerjacks Fireworks Club: CrackerJacks is one of the oldest and largest regional fireworks clubs in the United States. Our club’s activities; shoots, meetings, classes and hands-on seminars, are typically held in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Even so, our membership spans the country with members hailing from the Carolina’s, Florida, Connecticut and Washington.

Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (FPAG)

More Info:

About the Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild:  (FPAG) is a group of fireworks enthusiasts and professionals that practice and promote safety in fireworks, as well as safely building and displaying fireworks. We meet each month at locations around Florida to share information, demonstrate techniques and best practices, and hang out with other pyrotechnic-minded people. We also have Spring (2F) and Fall (4F) festivals.

Midlands Pyro Association
For More Info:

About the Midlands Pyro Association: Founded in 2010, we are a geographically diverse multi-state club with members from South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska, roughly centered in eastern Nebraska. Our membership consists of individuals and businesses who share a common love of all things pyrotechnic. Whether you enjoy shooting 1.3 or 1.4 pyro, manufacturing your own devices, choreographing displays, or simply watching the night sky light up with spectacular displays of color and noise, the MPA is a club built just for you.

For More Info:
* Noel Zimmerman, (314) 961-5636
About MoPyro: Our Mission is t
o promote and encourage the safe, legal, and artful use of pyrotechnic material and compositions, through training, demonstrations, displays, educational material, and exchange of information.

Michigan Pyrotechnics Art Guild
For More Info:
* Aaron Enzer, (734) 428-0900

About the Michigan Pyrotechnics Art Guild: MPAG was incorporated in January, 1999, with the express purpose of providing the Michigan fireworks enthusiast an opportunity to share their love of energetic artistry with others of like mind.  MPAG members share a common passion for the art, craft and science of fireworks. 

New Hampshire Pyrotechnics Association
For More Info:
* Dave Pierson, (978) 897-9729
Ohio Pyrotechnics Guild (OPAG)
Pyrotechnic Artists, Inc. (The Pennsylvania club)
Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas (The Texas Fireants)
For More Info:
* Ken Barton, (972) 276-4561
Rocky Mountain Pyrotechnics Guild
For More Info:
* Steve or Micki McDanal
Stumptown Shooters
For More Info:
* Gene Zdrazil, (319) 629-5162
Western New York Pyrotechnic Association
For More Info:
* Bob Leo, (585) 826-4921
Western Pyrotechnic Association
For More Info:
* Kief Adler
* Tom Calderwood
Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild
For More Info:
* Steve Hubing, (715) 238-7712


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